Thursday, April 17, 2014

Firecracker Chicken

Wooh.  Today has been a busy, busy day.  Grocery and doctor with my mom (because I'm the good daughter), baking a two tier Minnie Mouse cake (again but for a different client), meeting a friend to get her some plant samples from my mom's yard, meeting a woman to sell her my old cell phone (upgraded to a Galaxy S4 mini and I love it), cooking dinner, and I still have to frost the Minnie Mouse cake.  I even made time to go by the local thrift store and pick up some vintage sewing patterns.  Wooh!

And I'm making time to do this post. :)

If you don't like spicy food, I recommend not trying this recipe.  Which means I definitely wouldn't recommend it to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  In our house, we're all about the heat.  But, I really didn't think this was too spicy.  My definition of spicy and yours are probably VASTLY different.  Proceed with caution.

Now, I've said in a previous post that I don't really like Chinese or Asian food.  But my Hubbs does.  So, this week I'm trying out a couple of new Asian recipes so that he'll eat at home more and stop wasting money at Peking House.

This recipe was going to have some delicious looking Asian potato cakes with it but my potatoes went bad! Alas, I was forced to drive to Peking House and spend 5 dollars on some Lo Mein, fried rice, and an egg roll.  Lo mein and egg roll were for the Hubbs.  Yuck.  I'd have rather made it at home, but didn't have time.

I'd like to note one thing about this recipe.  While I did find a similar recipe online, here, I made some changes.  Most notably to the type of sauce used and to the eggs.  You'll notice that my eggs are super yellow.  That's because I used 10 yolks.  Remember I said I was baking a cake?  Well, I had a ton of yolks left over and didn't want to crack more eggs. 

Firecracker Chicken
You'll need:
1/4 cup of canola oil (did you know it is actually rapeseed oil?)
1/2 cup of cornstarch
2 whole eggs (or 10 yolk, whatever)
2 chicken breasts cut into bite-sized pieces
1 1/4 cups of dark brown sugar (next time, I'll probably just use 3/4 cup)
1/2 cup of Louisiana Hot Sauce
1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes
2 teaspoons of apple cider vinega
1 tablespoon of water

Put the cornstarch in a bag.
And mix the eggs in a separate bowl.
Cut your chicken up.
Add the pieces of chicken to the cornstarch bag.
And then shake it like a crazy person.
Set it aside and get your oil.
Add it to the skillet and let it heat up.
Take the chicken out of the bag.
And dip it in the egg.
Put it in the skillet and cook until brown (using all yolks made it kinda look like my chicken was covered in scrambled eggs).
Once it's all browned, put it on a paper towel for a few minutes while you prepare the sauce.
For the sauce, you'll need the rest of the ingredients.
Add it all the a medium mixing bowl and mix.
Add the chicken to a foil lined pan and pour the sauce over it. (I apologize for this picture being fuzzy, the Hubbs was talking to me and I moved.)
Cook for about 40 minutes at 325.
Serve with rice or noodles. Or both, if you're my husband.

I hope you make this and enjoy it.  If you want something a little less spicy, leave out the red pepper flakes and use a milder hot sauce or buffalo sauce. Enjoy!

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