Monday, March 17, 2014

There's a little hippie in everyone.

First, an update on my sprouts.  They've gone crazy!  This weather better get itself shaped up because these need to go in the ground soon. Look at the craziness.  All but 3 pods have sprouted.

Now on to the cake.  My In-Laws are hippies at heart.  So what better cake to make for my husband to take to work (where he works with his father) than a tie dye cake?!

I used the same cake batter recipe that I did to make the Minnie Mouse Cake.  Except this time, I divided it into 5 separate bowls.  This is going to be a mostly photo tutorial with few words because the pictures speak mostly for themselves.
First, your gonna need five clean, empty bowls and five large spoons.
And five colors of dye.
Divide the cake batter evenly-ish into the bowls.
Now, depending on what shade you want, add some dye to the batter.
Stir that stuff up.
Now using two greased pans (and Wilton Bake Even Strips), start adding the color to the pans.  Putting one color in the middle of another.  The weight will spread it out.
Keep doing that until the colors are done or the pan is full enough to not run over.
Bake them exactly like I did for the Minnie Mouse Cake (350 degrees for 20ish minutes, until a tooth pick comes out clean).  It'll look like this when it's done.

I decorated this cake in green with a black shamrock for St. Patrick's Day (even if we don't celebrate it).

I don't have a picture of this cake once it's cut, but I do have a picture of one that I made earlier in the day as a trial cake.
Look at the colors, man.

What adventurous thing did you do this weekend?

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