Friday, March 14, 2014

Minnie Mouse Cake: Part Two

I delivered the cake today and the little girl LOVED it.  I'm excited.  I think it's pretty good for my first try, right? Right? Ha.  I have already received another order for another cake.  Okay, now onto the second tutorial for making this cake.  The frosting.  I made buttercream frosting from scratch.

I found this recipe here.

You're going to need:
1 stick of butter (room temperature)
3-4 tablespoons of heavy cream
1 tablespoon of vanilla (I used clear)
2.5-3 cups of powdered sugar

I know that my camera got kinda fuzzy, I don't know what happened.  Those are the four colors that I made.  White, pink, black, and red.

First, put the butter and cream on the bowl (ignore the messy part, I'd made about 5 batches when I remembered to take pictures).

The recipe recommends using the whisk attachment but I like to use the paddle first.

Once the butter and cream are combined, add the vanilla and switch to the whisk.
 With the whisk spinning, start to slowly add the sugar.  I only used 2.5 cups.
 Once it's all mixed up, you should be able to stand a metal spoon up in it and have it stay, but you should also be able to stir it easily.   If you want to dye it, just add food coloring (I use gel) and stir until it reaches your desired color.

The other part I want to do right now is making the filling that will go between the layers.  I made a strawberry mash because the adorable little girl asked for it.

All you're gonna need is about a half pound of fresh berries (diced) and a small bag of frozen berries (whole).
Put them in the microwave until the frozen berries are soft.  Then find something to mash them with (I used a potato masher).

Once it's mashed, it should look like this:

Tomorrow is going to be the last installment for the Minnie Mouse Cake: Stacking and Icing.

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