Saturday, March 15, 2014

Minnie Mouse Cake: Part Three, The Finale

So far I've given you the tutorials for cake batter, buttercream frosting, and the strawberry filling.  Now I'm going to do Stacking and Frosting.

For this part, you're going to need a long, flat spatula, dowel rods, a 12in cake board, a 6in cake board, frosting bags, frosting tips, and a couple spoons.

The easiest way to fill the frosting bags is:
1. Cut the tip off the bag big enough to insert the tip on the inside.
2. Place the bag in a tall glass and fold the top over the sides.
3. Remove from glass and twist the top, squeezing all of the icing to the tip.

Alright.  Place the first layer directly on the cake board.  With the white icing, make a circle around the top of the cake.  This will keep the strawberry filling in.
Once that circle is made, place a scoop of the strawberry mix and spread it around.
Try not to put it too thick, as the next layer will spread it out some.
Once you've got the next layer on top, you'll need to cut your dowel rods into four equal pieces that are the same height as the cake.  They need to be placed in a square shape, toward the middle of the cake.  This will support the top tier and keep the cake from collapsing.
Now, repeat this process with the top tier.  However, unless you are using silver board, you're going to need to wrap the 6in cake board in foil.  I don't have a picture of this process (sorry).  You're also going to need to cut a small hole into the middle of the 6in cake board.  We're going to put a dowel rod right down the middle to hold the whole thing together.  I also frosted the top of the bottom tier at this point.
Once that step is done, place the cakes on top of each other.  As close to the center as possible.  Take a dowel rod that has been cut to the same height as the cake and insert it straight through the middle.
Now you can start decorating.  I did the entire cake in the pink/fuchsia.  This step is a lot easier if you have a Lazy Susan (my dad built this one) or some other rotating stand.
Here is where you can decorate however you want.  I did a white frosting ribbon around the bottom of both tiers.  And Minnie Mouse heads in black frosting, with a red frosting bow around the sides of the cake, and on the top of the top tier.  I used Wilton star tips for the ribbon and Minnie heads and the smallest round tip I could find for the bow.

This was my first attempt at a cake like this, and I think it turned out very well for a newbie.  What do you think?  I have another cake like this to do in a few weeks for another friend.  I delivered this one an hour away.  The next one is a local woman.  She wants the icing to be a little lighter, in a light pink for her two year old. 

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