Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guest Post: Swamp Water with Amber

Yeah, you read that right.  Tonight's a guest post because I've got class and don't have time to put together a full tutorial of anything. :)  I met Amber when we were in elementary/middle school.  She was a grade above me, I think.  If I remember correctly, we may have actually been in chorus together and I think she played football.  We never really knew each other and just connected for the first time last year since we share many similar interests.

I'll let Amber tell you some more about herself and introduce you to "Soul Shine Juice".

My name is Amber Simmons. I am a mother to 3 children who keep me on my toes asking questions, wanting everything in the stores and eating non stop. I'm married to the best man in the world, who is my other half. We are complete opposites. 
I have been crafty since I was young because of being too poor to buy anything. I made do with what I had. (enough with the blah sad story) I also chose to be/eat healthier and made sure my family would see me as an example, and so my journey began. 
I will be sharing some of my crafts/meals/everyday life tips. So stay tuned and make sure you comeback for homemade goodness. 

I call it Swamp Water (I have made a few changes to suit my pallet).  You can use her recipe and see which one you like better.

5-7 apples (Gala, Jonah Gold, Pink Lady, Ambrosia, Honeycrisp, and of these will work)
1/2 Head of Romaine Lettuce (I used 2 handfuls of spinach)
1 Head of Kale (I used 1-2 handfuls)
2 Stalks of Celery
1 Cucumber (I used English Cucumber)
2 Lemons (I used 1 regular and 1 Meyer)

I recommend using a juicer for this recipe.  If you don't have one, you can use a blender but you will have to strain it, and it takes hours.  Believe me, I've done it before.  By the time I was finished I didn't even want the juice anymore. 

(Jessica's note:  I use a blender to do my juicing and it's a pain.  But I'd recommend adding a cup of water for every 2-3 handfuls of veggies that you put in.  It makes it a little easier to strain.  Okay, back to Amber.)

You start out by cutting the fruits* and veggies to a size that will fit in your juice chute.
*QUICK NOTE: You can make quick work of it by using an apple slicer.
(Yes, I left the core and all in my apples.  I know it's odd, my Grandpa grew up in the depression, so he ate everything and it just stuck with me.  Seeing him eat it like that, I thought it was normal and everybody did it.)

Cutting the lemons is always a task for people.  So here is how I do it.
1. Lay the lemon on its side.
2. Cut each end off of the lemon.
3. Stand it up on one of the flat ends.
4. Cut at an angle around the lemon.
5. Now you have a naked lemon.
 Easy right?

Start juicing
I start by juicing 1/2 of the apples.
With the container I have, it has to be emptied a few times.
 I use mason jars because of the easy storage factor.  I also have labels on them.
 I also found that if I roll up the leafy stuff like this, I am able to get juicing faster.
Juice it all.  Leave one slice of cucumber to "wash" the remaining juice out of your juicer.
Even my little one's approve.

Thumbs up! I hope you enjoy this juice recipe.

Check back for more recipes and ideas from Amber in the future!
Note: Amber uses a Samson juicer (the one pictured) but she has used a Breville.  She recommends both. She says that while they are expensive, she saved up because she wanted the best.

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