Monday, March 10, 2014

Grapes, Potatoes, and Ticks. Oh my!

:) My seedlings are getting so big.  I took this picture yesterday and they're much bigger today.  Some are so big they're pushing the lid off.

So it was warm and pretty yesterday.  We decided to make our grape trellis yesterday.
Remember those posts are showed you that we cut the other day?  Well, we used two of those to posts to start our grapes.
First, you've gotta dig a hole. Since the post is 5 feet tall, I recommend 12-18inches.
Then you've gotta set the post and make sure it's level.
Use a tamping bar or something else to pack the dirt around it.
Ah, level.
Now you've gotta do another one just like it about 12 feet from it.
Between them we are going to put another 5ft 4x4 post.
But at the moment, we've just got a small trellis.
 Ignore the tools.  My Hubbs is cute, but not very good at putting things away.
Now to plant the grapes.
You need to dig an 8-10inch deep hole.
Put the grape in and pack it down with dirt all around it.
Then water it.
We're going to buy another grape to put on the other side of this one.

I also planted by potatoes yesterday.
They are Red Norland Potatoes.
The bag indicated that it was enough potatoes for 1-4square feet.
I planted them in a 4 square feet container.
The above picture shows where I cut the eyes off the potatoes.
The below picture shows the eyes.
According to the packaging, you want to plant them 4 inches apart, about 2 inches down.
The eye needs to be facing up.
Like this:

Cautionary message:
This morning as I was getting dressed, I found a tick on me.  Ugh...  Please, when you are working outside, have someone check you over for ticks or use a mirror to check yourself over.  Luckily this tick was on my shoulder and I saw it.  But I didn't realize what it was until I had pulled it off and it was crawling around on my finger.  Ah!

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