Sunday, March 2, 2014

Garden Starting

So we cleaned out our garden beds today.  And we found some garlic from last year!  Apparently, I forgot a head of garlic last year and now we got surprise garlic!

We also now have a place for our friends to hang out outside.  We have a grill that we never use because we've no place to sit outside.

This is my husband and my dad leveling up the table and benches.  They're concrete.

And this is the finished set up.  We're painting it next weekend, a dark grey.

I started all my seeds today too (inside since we may get another frost).  I've got lots of herbs and vegetables.  We're doing some fruit this year too.

I'll post up the list later.

We're also making a much larger garden this year.  We're adding an additional 12x12 plot instead of just our two 4x4 plots, two wooden beds, and a half barrel. 

Next weekend, we're making a fence to go around it next weekend and I'll document that for here as well!

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