Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Coming up shortly...

I've got a lot of exciting things going on here at HomemadeToHappiness.  Tomorrow I'm baking a Minnie Mouse cake for a very special 4 year old's birthday and doing a tutorial on it.  It's going to be homemade vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing.  Then Friday, I'm delivering the cake and I'm gonna try to do a tutorial on how to make Cosplay teeth (if I can find the rest of the stuff).  If I don't do the cosplay teeth, I'm going to do a Buttermilk Fried Chicken with veggies tutorial.  Either way, you'll eventually get both.  Then this weekend will hold more garden posts, and Monday I'm baking individual Ostara/Easter cakes for class.

I've also got two guest bloggers lined up to do posts in the next few weeks.  Woot woot!

You can also expect some homemade garden remedies this summer for pests and weeds, plus a lot of homemade recipes using things from the garden (once they start to produce).  I'll also be doing tree removal and building a dog fence and house tutorials.  At some point I'm going to also try to get up the tutorial of our bathroom remodel (maybe later tonight).

Right now, I'm gonna go clean up my house, feed my dogs, and take pictures of me thinning out my seedlings.

Also, I forgot to introduce one pet yesterday.

Spiffy is a stray cat (well, I guess she isn't a stray now) that came with our house.  She is not my outside cat, apparently.  But that's okay because she keeps the mice and most bugs away.  She spends her days lounging on the porch or on top of my car. 

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