Saturday, March 8, 2014

Building the Garden Fence: Part One

So, since we are expanding the garden this year to an additional 12x12 plot, I need to build a fence around the plot to keep the rabbits and dogs out of it.  We bought the first part of the wood needed today.  This is going to be a short tutorial of cutting the wood to size first.

This is the garden fence that I am shooting for
 I absolutely love this fence idea.  I know that ours won't look exactly like this one, but I'm hoping it'll be close.  Okay, so first we went to Lowe's and bought some wood.  We bought 5 4x4x10s and 2 4x4x8s.  

I know you're going to say that there are only six pieces there and you'd be right.  The other one is on the ground already. See...
Okay, so you need to cut all of the 4x4x10s into 4x4x5s.  These are going to make the main posts for the corners and middles.
As you can see, my dad is not using any protection.  I highly recommend doing this with glasses and gloves.  Use them.  If you don't and you get something in your eye, I am not responsible.  Once you've got them cut, they should look like the picture below. 
Here I should note that you will not need all of these for the fence.  We are also planting grapes, and a few of them are for the line for them (don't worry, I'll show you that too).

There they are with the two 4x4x8s.  Those are going on either side of the gate.

Bonus picture: My awesome husband in all his nerd glory.

This is just part one of the fence.  Tomorrow I'll be posting about putting in the posts and squaring them up.  Also tilling the garden.

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