Thursday, March 20, 2014

About me

I have no tutorial for you tonight.  The Hubbs decided we were going to eat out AGAIN.  Ugh...  Tomorrow night I'm making Crispy Cheddar Baked Chicken whether he wants to eat out or not.  And I will tutorial that.

I figured that tonight, since I'm tired but waiting for cupcakes to bake, I'll share some information about myself.

My name is Jessica.  I'll be turning 25 this year, on Friday June 13th.  I'm adopted.  My parents are really my grandparents, I am the child of their youngest son who was murdered two months before his 18th birthday.  I've been a straight A, or A-B student, my entire life.  My parents were really strict on me about grades because they never made it past high school.  My three best friends have been my best friends for the longest (Jamie 20 years, Kristina 19ish years, and Bionka 11 years).

I played clarinet in the band, sang alto in the chorus, and did theater later on.  My passion is creative writing and the arts.  I was never really into sports.  Mostly because I'm completely uncoordinated and would likely fall on my face. 

I was bullied all through school, until my Junior year of high school when I quit letting it get to me.  I spent many years depressed and suicidal.

I have osteoarthritis in the joints on the right side of my body. They've been giving me a lot of trouble lately.  I had knee surgery when I was 7 because otherwise I would never have walked again.  I was diagnosed with a potentially cancerous tumor in my breast in 2010.  It was removed in August of 2010 and thus far I am cancer free. 

The Hubbs and I met in my 6th period Mythology class my senior year of high school.  He was a sophomore at the time.  That was 2007.  As story book as it sounds, it really was like love at first sight.  :)  We've been inseparable since.  This past January made 4 years that we've been married and this April makes 7 years that we've been together.  We don't have a perfect marriage, but it's perfect enough for us.

We're the parents to 6 furbabies (7 if you count the one that hangs out outside).  Paka, Rodgers, Sugar, Nyx, Turtle, and Chewie (they came into our lives in that order). I love animals, despite having a crippling fear of dogs up until I was 18.  I was attacked by a dog when I was younger.

I decided last year that we needed to make a change to our lives.  I was tired of polluting the planet more than was necessary (it's never necessary).  I also wanted to try living more naturally to get all of the chemicals out of our house before we have children.  It's not good for us or the dogs.

I have Lepidopterophobia, or the fear of butterflies and moths.  I am absolutely terrified of them.  I'd rather be in a tank of snakes and spiders than a tank of butterflies.  :shudders:

I am currently in school studying Psychology.  My ultimate goal would be to get my Master's in Nutritional Psychology and work with people with eating disorders.  I'd like to call my practice "Couches and Cupcakes".  Ha.

To wrap this up:
My favorite color is black (I don't care if it's not a color, Mr. Wilkey).  My favorite era would be Medieval or Victorian.  I've collected swords, battle axes, daggers, and other sharp objects since I was about 10.  I love baking and cooking.  I love herbs.  I never meet a stranger.  I used to be super shy.  I love folk, metal, hard rock, pop, dance, eclectic, pretty much anything except Contemporary Christian.  Pickles are my favorite food besides my mom's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I don't drink soda.  I hate sweet tea and watermelon.  I'm the worst southerner ever.

I'm super tired now and the cupcakes aren't done yet. I'm gonna go now. Ha.

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